Looking For Underfloor Heating?

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Looking for underfloor heating?

Have you looked into using load compensation with underfloor heating?

Having a floor heat output perfectly match the room heat loss brings a new dimension to underfloor heating, total comfort and stable room temperature. Coupled with a condensing gas boiler load compensation and underfloor heating is a perfect partnership.

In many cases the expensive room controls, actuators, pump sets and zone valves are no longer required. This reduces installation costs and running costs while providing better comfort levels that traditional underfloor heating. Viessmann make the ultimate boiler and controls to partner underfloor heating. How it works, load compensation is a simple and logical system. Heat loss from a room is related to the difference in temperature between the room and the outside temperature and any adjoining rooms or spaces. As the outside temperature falls more heat is required to replace the heat that now leaves through the walls floors and ceilings of the heated space/s. Sensor/s are used to measure the rate of heat loss and the temperature of the floor surface is automatically adjusted to the new requirement. Home comfort have installed and upgraded many systems to run on this strategy with 100% customer satisfaction. It’s not just comfort that is improved with this method. System efficiency is considerably enhanced also when underfloor heating is run with a gas boiler.

The science

When gas is burnt the products of combustion are co2 (carbon dioxide) and h2o (water) the water is in the form of gas rather than liquid and can often be seen condensing as a cloud from boiler flues. Most boilers are set to run at a temperature above what is called the “dew point” this is the point at which the water vapour returns to its liquid state. This is a wasteful practice and good design avoids this waste. So why is it wasteful? When water is heated it absorbs heat energy and changes temperature until it reaches a critical temperature. It continues to absorb heat energy but rather than a temperature rise the water goes through a phase change and turns to gas.

This process can be reversed by running systems below this “dew point” and underfloor heating is the perfect partner for this. Through careful design and product selection the boiler can run at temperatures below this dew point extracting all this heat energy and rather than discarding it via the boiler flue it can be used to heat the target space. Underfloor heating needs to be designed as a whole system. Many companies only offer a part package and the boiler and system often don’t get considered as a matched pair. Home comfort take a different approach looking at the entire design. Our specialist designs, installs, services and repairs underfloor heating systems and gas boilers.

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