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Sustainable Home Heating for Chorleywood with
Air Source Heat Pumps

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills? Upgrade to an eco-friendly air source heat pump from Home Comfort Assured, Chorleywood's trusted renewable heating experts.

How Do Air-to-Water Heat Pumps Work?

Air source or air-to-water heat pumps are an innovative technology that extracts thermal energy from the outside air to heat water. This heated water is then circulated through radiators or underfloor heating systems to provide efficient space heating, while also supplying domestic hot water on demand.

Why Choose Air Source for Home Heating?

There are many benefits to switching to an air source heat pump system:

  • Energy Savings - Can cut heating costs by up to 65% compared to gas or electric.
  • Renewable Energy Source - Use renewable energy from the air, replacing fossil fuels.
  • Total Home Warmth - A single installation meets all your heating and hot water needs.
Viessmann Vitocal 151 A 5kw With indoor unit 190L hot water cylinder

Chorleywood's Air Source Heat Pump Specialists

At Home Comfort Assured, our experienced renewable heating team are experts in tailoring air source heat pump systems to properties across Chorleywood. Through detailed site surveys, we design bespoke solutions optimised for your home's insulation levels and layout to maximise year-round efficiency.

Professional Installations & Aftercare

Our heating engineers pride themselves on providing tidy, courteous air source heat pump installations with minimal disruption. All workmanship is fully guaranteed for complete peace of mind, complemented by annual maintenance to ensure ongoing peak performance.

Reliable, Professional Installations

Our HVAC engineers take immense pride in delivering tidy, courteous air source heat pump installations with minimal disruption. All workmanship is fully guaranteed to ensure reliable performance for many years to come, complemented by annual maintenance for peak efficiency.

Future-Proof Your Chorleywood Home

Join the revolution in sustainable home heating and reduce your environmental impact with an air source heat pump from Home Comfort Assured. Contact our team today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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Heat Pump Installation

When it comes to installing an air source heat pump, you need a company with the right expertise and qualifications to ensure a flawless installation process, Home Comfort Assured is the company you can rely on.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your heating system or install a brand new air source heat pump, our team of skilled professionals is well-equipped to handle the job efficiently and effectively.

Don't hesitate to call us today to learn more about their comprehensive range of services and how they can assist you with your air source heat pump installation.