We Are Accredited Viessmann Engineers

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We are accredited Viessmann Engineers


Viessmann boilers are one of our preferred products. We are specialists in installation, repairs, maintenance and servicing of Viessmann heating systems and boilers. Our engineers have a wealth of experience and knowledge giving them excellent diagnostic skills in the event of a break down or a fault

Our Viessmann trained engineers are fully qualified to advise you on the system most suited to your requirements. They are able to calculate the type of system required giving you the most cost effective and energy efficient system.

By using one of our accredited engineers we can offer a five year warranty on your Viessmann boiler.

Viessmann Boilers

Viessmann are a leading manufacturer of systems for heating.

They offer a comprehensive range of individual solutions and efficient systems for individual requirements.

Viessmann boilers are eco-friendly and efficient saving you money on your fuel bills whilst being kinder to the environment. Savings on fuel bills following the installation of a Viessmann condensing boiler have been reported to be as high as 35%.

A further saving can be made by installing the weather compensation system. Houses in the Uk tend to run on very basic heating controls. The boiler is set to run at its maximum temperature when the house thermostat requires heat input it then switches off when the thermostat says it is warm enough. Weather compensated heating systems use a small outdoor sensor to adjust the system controls to compensate for changes in outdoor temperature. This system runs more consistently feeding energy into the building gradually and efficiently over a longer period of time.

Viessman Boiler Installation

Choosing your Viessmann system

It is important to design the system correctly to maximise system life and minimise cost and maintenance. Heating design is an essential part of a heating system hence giving the customer the most energy efficient and cost effective system possible. Many companies overlook this essential part of an installation. Our engineers will give you the best advice in selecting your new system.

We can offer a choice of Oil, Gas and Wood Boilers and Heat Pump heating systems.

The most common is the Gas boiler using Gas condensing technology for this you will require a gas supply. This will give you a heat generator with a good price/performance. The world’s gas reserves have a further estimated 70 years.

Oil boilers use oil condensing technology. You will require an oil tank or an appropriate room. Oil boilers also offer a heat generator with a good price/performance. The world’s oil reserves are estimated to last for a further 40 years.

Wood/pellet heating systems will require a storage room. You will also require enough space for a buffer cylinder with capacity up to 1000 litres. These systems are for people who want to be independent of oil and gas. However they do have a higher investment.

Heat pump systems are for those wanting to be independent of Gas and Oil they do however have a relatively high investment outlay. You will require an underfloor heating system or generously sized radiators. The house will require good thermal insulation. You will need to be able to drill into the ground on your property or be able to provide space for an air source heat pump. A buffer cylinder will also be required with a capacity of up to 1000 litres.