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Have you looked into using load compensation with underfloor heating?

Having a floor heat output perfectly match the room heat loss brings a new dimension to underfloor heating, total comfort and stable room temperature. Coupled with a condensing gas boiler load compensation and underfloor heating is a perfect partnership.

In many cases the expensive room controls, actuators, pump sets and zone valves are no longer required. This reduces installation costs and running costs while providing better comfort levels that traditional underfloor heating. Viessmann make the ultimate boiler and controls to partner underfloor heating. How it works, load compensation is a simple and logical system. Heat loss from a room is related to the difference in temperature between the room and the outside temperature and any adjoining rooms or spaces. As the outside temperature falls more heat is required to replace the heat that now leaves through the walls floors and ceilings of the heated space/s. Sensor/s are used to measure the rate of heat loss and the temperature of the floor surface is automatically adjusted to the new requirement. Home comfort have installed and upgraded many systems to run on this strategy with 100% customer satisfaction. It's not just comfort that is improved with this method. System efficiency is considerably enhanced also when underfloor heating is run with a gas boiler.

The science

When gas is burnt the products of combustion are co2 (carbon dioxide) and h2o (water) the water is in the form of gas rather than liquid and can often be seen condensing as a cloud from boiler flues. Most boilers are set to run at a temperature above what is called the “dew point” this is the point at which the water vapour returns to its liquid state. This is a wasteful practice and good design avoids this waste. So why is it wasteful? When water is heated it absorbs heat energy and changes temperature until it reaches a critical temperature. It continues to absorb heat energy but rather than a temperature rise the water goes through a phase change and turns to gas.

This process can be reversed by running systems below this “dew point” and underfloor heating is the perfect partner for this. Through careful design and product selection the boiler can run at temperatures below this dew point extracting all this heat energy and rather than discarding it via the boiler flue it can be used to heat the target space. Underfloor heating needs to be designed as a whole system. Many companies only offer a part package and the boiler and system often don't get considered as a matched pair. Home comfort take a different approach looking at the entire design. Our specialist designs, installs, services and repairs underfloor heating systems and gas boilers.

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Viessmann boilers are one of our preferred products. We are specialists in installation, repairs, maintenance and servicing of Viessmann heating systems and boilers. Our engineers have a wealth of experience and knowledge giving them excellent diagnostic skills in the event of a break down or a fault

Our Viessmann trained engineers are fully qualified to advise you on the system most suited to your requirements. They are able to calculate the type of system required giving you the most cost effective and energy efficient system.

By using one of our accredited engineers we can offer a five year warranty on your Viessmann boiler.


Viessmann Boilers

Viessmann are a leading manufacturer of systems for heating.

They offer a comprehensive range of individual solutions and efficient systems for individual requirements.

Viessmann boilers are eco-friendly and efficient saving you money on your fuel bills whilst being kinder to the environment. Savings on fuel bills following the installation of a Viessmann condensing boiler have been reported to be as high as 35%.

A further saving can be made by installing the weather compensation system. Houses in the Uk tend to run on very basic heating controls. The boiler is set to run at its maximum temperature when the house thermostat requires heat input it then switches off when the thermostat says it is warm enough. Weather compensated heating systems use a small outdoor sensor to adjust the system controls to compensate for changes in outdoor temperature. This system runs more consistently feeding energy into the building gradually and efficiently over a longer period of time.


Choosing your Viessmann system

It is important to design the system correctly to maximise system life and minimise cost and maintenance. Heating design is an essential part of a heating system hence giving the customer the most energy efficient and cost effective system possible. Many companies overlook this essential part of an installation. Our engineers will give you the best advice in selecting your new system.

We can offer a choice of Oil, Gas and Wood Boilers and Heat Pump heating systems.

The most common is the Gas boiler using Gas condensing technology for this you will require a gas supply. This will give you a heat generator with a good price/performance. The world’s gas reserves have a further estimated 70 years.

Oil boilers use oil condensing technology. You will require an oil tank or an appropriate room. Oil boilers also offer a heat generator with a good price/performance. The world’s oil reserves are estimated to last for a further 40 years.

Wood/pellet heating systems will require a storage room. You will also require enough space for a buffer cylinder with capacity up to 1000 litres. These systems are for people who want to be independent of oil and gas. However they do have a higher investment.

Heat pump systems are for those wanting to be independent of Gas and Oil they do however have a relatively high investment outlay. You will require an underfloor heating system or generously sized radiators. The house will require good thermal insulation. You will need to be able to drill into the ground on your property or be able to provide space for an air source heat pump. A buffer cylinder will also be required with a capacity of up to 1000 litres.


 Viessmann boiler installation



If your boiler is more than 10 years old, it may be time to think about replacing it with a new high efficiency condensing boiler. Boilers account for around 55% of household energy bills, so an A-rated energy efficient boiler will make a substantial difference to your annual expenses.

‘Combi’ Boilers

Condensing boilers come in both combination and regular models. A Combi (combination) boiler produces hot water on demand, firing up when you turn on a hot tap in the kitchen or bathroom. A regular boiler will heat a quantity of water which is held in a storage cylinder until required. Both boilers supply the heating system.

If you upgrade an old gas boiler to a new A-rated condensing boiler with full heating controls (e.g. timer/programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves).in a typical semi-detached property you can reduce heating bills by around £300 per year .Savings are even greater for larger properties and for heating systems that run on oil.

New boilers should be serviced annually to ensure that it stays in good working order and maintains its efficiency. It is also part of the manufacturers warranty

Choosing an Installer

If you decide to go for a new boiler, you should ensure that the engineer is registered. The Gas Safe Register is the official list of gas engineers who are registered to work safely and legally on gas appliances check the engineer at

A good installer will ensure that your system complies with Building Regulations and will make sure you get all the documentation to prove this. Keep these documents safe – you will need them if you sell your property.